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1 min readDec 8, 2023


Hola Taqueria Devs!

We’re back with another serving of Taqueria, v0.46.0! This time, it’s a maintenance release, but don’t let that fool you. We’ve got some exciting updates that will spice up your development experience!

What’s Fresh 🥑

  • LIGO 1.2.0 Support: Our @taqueria/plugin-ligo plugin now supports LIGO 1.2.0. Keep your code fresh and up-to-date! (#1892)
  • Archetype 1.5.0 Support: We’ve added support for Archetype 1.5.0 in our @taqueria/plugin-archetype plugin. More tools for your taco-making toolbox! (#1893)
  • NPM Dependencies Updated: We’ve updated all NPM dependencies for all plugins, the CLI, and VSCode extension. Fresh ingredients for a better taco! (#1894)

Changelog 📝

For the detailed changes, check out the full changelog: Full Changelog

Reminder: Taqueria VS Code Extension 🏠

Don’t forget to check out our Taqueria VS Code Extension. It’s the perfect side dish to your Taqueria main course: Taqueria VS Code Extension

Even though this is a maintenance release, we believe that it’s these small updates that keep the Taqueria kitchen running smoothly. We’re committed to providing you with the best tools to cook up your code.

Thanks for being a part of our vibrant Taqueria community.

Keep cooking and coding, amigos! 🌮🎉



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