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1 min readOct 26, 2023


Hola Taqueria Devs!

The taco-loving team at Pinnacle Labs is back with another delicious update: Taqueria v0.43.0! This might be a smaller serving, but it’s packed with flavor!

What’s New 🌯

  • @taqueria/toolkit: We’ve updated our Taqueria Toolkit to be compatible with Vite. Now you can enjoy a faster and leaner development experience! (#1921)
  • Documentation Update: We’ve given our documentation a fresh coat of salsa! Head over to to check out the updated pages. We’ve added information about our most recent updates and removed details that were no longer relevant. (#1916)
  • Taqueria VSCode Extension: We’ve updated the LIGO Grammars to the latest version, ensuring you’re always working with the freshest ingredients. We also squashed a bug where multiple Compile menu items were appearing in the context menu for a contract source file.

Changelog 📝

For those who like to savor every detail, check out the full list of changes here: Full Changelog

A Little Reminder 🏠

Don’t forget to check out our Taqueria VS Code Extension. It’s the perfect side dish to your Taqueria main course: Taqueria VS Code Extension

Even the smallest updates add a little more flavor to the Taqueria experience. We hope you enjoy this release as much as we enjoyed cooking it up for you.

Keep coding and taco-ing, amigos! 🌮🎉



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