Spicing Up Your Code: Announcing Taqueria v0.36.0 by Pinnacle Labs

Pinnacle Labs
2 min readJul 12, 2023

Hello Amigos, 🌮

We, your new friendly taco chefs at Pinnacle Labs, are thrilled to announce the release of Taqueria v0.36.0! It’s our first major release since taking over the helm of this wonderful project, and boy, do we have some spicy updates for you! 🌶️

Here’s what we’ve been grilling:

- We’ve fixed the SmartPy plugin, ensuring it now bundles with a custom installer of the legacy SmartPy platform. 🛠️

- The @taqueria/plugin-smartpy package will be renamed as @taqueria/plugin-smartpy-legacy in our next release. 🔜

- We’re also cooking up a new SmartPy plugin which will support the new syntax and CLI tools. 🔧

- Resolved an issue with `parameterList` and `storageList` files compiling as self-contained smart contracts. 🐛

- We’ve moved and revamped the CI/CD setup for better, more frequent releases. 🔄

- Our build process now supports Deno v1.34 and higher. 🚀

- And of course, we’ve made several smaller but equally important bug fixes. 🐜

We’ve also given our VS Code Extension a new home under Pinnacle Labs. If you were using the old one, it’s time to switch to the new: Taqueria VS Code Extension 🏠

For detailed changes, check out the full changelog and our official GitHub Release. 📜

But hold onto your sombreros, folks! This is just the beginning. We’ve got plenty more in the pipeline to make your Taqueria experience even better. Stay tuned, and as always, keep those tacos coding! 🎉

¡Hasta la vista! 🖐️

— The Pinnacle Labs Team



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