Serving Up New Flavors: Taqueria v0.37

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2 min readJul 24, 2023

Hello, Taqueria Familia!

Your favorite taco craftspeople at Pinnacle Labs are back in the kitchen with another sizzling release: Taqueria v0.37.0! It might be a smaller portion, but it’s seasoned to perfection and delivers just the right kick! 🌶️

Here’s what we’ve tossed into our coding cauldron:

- We’ve stirred in support for the Nairobi Protocol across our plugins. The Flextesa plugin now utilizes the latest docker image from Oxhead Alpha. The LIGO plugin is seasoned to sync with LIGO v0.69.0, while our Taquito, Contract Types, and Jest plugins all savor the taste of Taquito v0.17.1. (#1892) 🥘
- Made a key adjustment! When Taquito tweaked its recipe for dealing with operational parameters in method calls, we made sure to do the same. Our Taquito and Contract Types plugins are now using the latest Taquito semantics. Nothing like a well-coordinated kitchen! ( 👨‍🍳👩‍🍳
- As for our SmartPy plugin, we’re rolling out some changes to better serve you. The `@taqueria/plugin-smartpy` package used to let you compile and test smart contracts using the legacy syntax of the SmartPy compiler with version v0.16 and earlier. We’ve renamed this package to `@taqueria/plugin-smartpy-legacy` to better reflect its purpose. But don’t worry, we’re keeping up with the times too! We’re hard at work crafting support for the new syntax and tools introduced by SmartPy starting with v0.17, and when it’s ready, it’ll be served hot as `@taqueria/plugin-smartpy`. 📦🔜

Also, just a gentle reminder, amigos, don’t forget to grab your refill of our Taqueria VS Code Extension from its new home. Your coding meal is incomplete without it: [Taqueria VS Code Extension]( 🏠

For the detailed recipe, check out the full changelog here: Github Changelog and our official GitHub Release. 📜

Our aprons are still on and our ovens are still hot. We’re constantly whipping up more delightful updates to enrich your Taqueria experience. Stay tuned, keep your code cookbooks open, and let’s keep those tacos coding! 🎉

¡Hasta la próxima, amigos! 🖐️



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