🌮 Taqueria v0.40.0 — The Oxford Protocol Fiesta! 🎉

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2 min readSep 20, 2023

Hola Taqueria Devs!

We’re excited to serve up Taqueria v0.40.0, a spicy blend of new features, improvements, and bug fixes. Let’s dive into the delicious details!

What’s New 🌯

  • SmartPy Plugin Preview: We’re serving a preview version of our SmartPy Plugin, updated to support the alpha release of SmartPy v0.19a. Install it today with taq install @taqueria/plugin-smartpy@next. Please note, parameterList files are not supported due to complications. We're working on making compilation for all compilers more intuitive. Stay tuned for a community discussion post soon!
  • Oxford Protocol Support: We’ve updated our Flextesa and LIGO plugins to support the Oxford protocol. Now you can enjoy the latest flavors of Tezos development!
  • Tezos Client Plugin Renamed to Octez Client: We’ve renamed our Tezos Client plugin to Octez Client. To migrate, please run: taq uninstall @taqueria/plugin-tezos-client && taq install @taqueria/plugin-octez-client.
  • Contract Types Plugin Improvements: We’ve fixed a couple of issues (#1895 and #1902) to make your TypeScript generation smoother and more efficient.
  • Archetype Plugin Updated: Our Archetype plugin now supports the latest version, v1.43.
  • Taqueria VSCode Extension: Updated to support the latest grammars in LIGO v0.73.
  • Updated Dependencies: We now support the latest version of Deno v1.36 and Node v18 when building Taqueria from source. We’ve also updated all NPM dependencies and removed those that weren’t adding value.

Changelog 📝

For the full list of changes, check out the Full Changelog

We hope you enjoy this release as much as we enjoyed cooking it up for you. Thanks for being a part of our vibrant Taqueria community.

Keep cooking and coding, amigos! 🌮🎉



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