🌮 Taqueria v0.42.0 — Homebrew Edition! 🍻

Pinnacle Labs
1 min readOct 13, 2023

Hola Taqueria Devs!

We’re back with another exciting release, Taqueria v0.42.0! This time, we’re bringing you a much-awaited feature and some other spicy updates. Let’s dive in!

What’s Brewing 🍺

  • Homebrew Package for macOS: No more disabling gatekeeper restrictions when using taq on macOS! You can now install Taqueria's CLI using Homebrew. Just tap into our brew and install away:
  • brew tap pinnacle-labs/taqueria https://github.com/pinnacle-labs/taqueria brew install taqueria
  • Enjoy a smoother, more secure Taqueria experience on your Mac. (#1917)
  • Build Your Own Plugin Guide: Ever wanted to add your own flavor to Taqueria? Now you can! We’ve added a guide for building your very own plugin for Taqueria. Check it out here. We can’t wait to see what you cook up!
  • Minor Tweaks and Fixes: From adjusting our binary build script to run on macOS, to fixing typos and pre-commit hooks, we’ve made a bunch of smaller improvements and bug fixes. Every little helps, right?

Changelog 📝

For a detailed list of changes, check out our Full Changelog.

We hope you enjoy these updates as much as we enjoyed brewing them for you. As always, your feedback is the secret sauce that makes Taqueria even better. So keep it coming!

Happy coding, amigos! 🌮🍻



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